Do you have a full screen website like these?  Or blank bands down each side?  In the last few months, we have seen a virtual “plague” of client websites that aren’t what they should be, aren't what the client expected, and frankly, are disappointing.

These plain or textured bands are stealing 20% of your web presence!

How does this happen, and how do you stop it happening to you?  More importantly, if it has already happened, what can you do?

People affected by this practice have complained that the website they have is not what they expected when they signed up.  In each case, the stories are similar.

A  contractor presents a great design for the website .  Buyers see an impressive design, and decide to go ahead.  When it’s time for the finished site, they are surprised to see blank panels of colour or texture down each side of the screen.  That impressive design is only a panel in the middle of the screen, taking just 80% of the available width.  The new web site is nowhere near as impressive as the design they first saw and accepted.

Commenting on their disappointment that their “on-line face” is just a panel in the middle of the screen, they are told it has to be that way.  Their new  website is not objectionable, but then it is not the blazing full screen display like the websites people look up to.  Disappointment, and lingering resentment take the shine off this first web experience.  Worse still, the disappointment places strong reservations about developing further web activity.

Does this really  matter?  Certainly.

Twenty percent of the space available to impact site visitors is just wasted and ultimately lost. 

Would you:

A regular advertiser acting in this way would be seen as wasteful, unreasonable, and foolish.  So, why should anyone accept a web design that does the same thing?  If you don’t want to accept this disappointing outcome, there are steps you can take to change it.  Perhaps you can start to look like this .....

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