Red Zebra Business Centre
Marking service to Small and Medium Business since 1985.


customer service montage

We are here for the customers - and not the other way around

We never treat customers as an interruption to our work - they are the purpose of it

We always acknowledge waiting customers immediately - and thank them for waiting

Customers can expect us to act courteously

Because we enjoy working with customers, we radiate enthusiasm

We show genuine interest in finding the best value solution for every customer

Because we know our products and our industry, we can relaxed and always listen creatively

We respond responsibly to very customer circumstance

We understand our customer's issues, and we display sympathy, while avoiding the pitfalls of empathy

Our training means that we carry ourselves professionally

We always greet our customers with a smile

We see the individual in every customer a as well as the customer in every individual

Our most valuable assets are satisfied customers and happy, motivated employees

We treat every staff member as we believe they should treat each customer