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Adaptivity Is The Key To Business Success!

Having a business plan is one of the keys to business success - if it’s a good plan based on sound information. Just like a flight plan that needs to constant adaptation for the changing weather conditions. That’s why every business needs ‘adaptivity’.

Planning Leads Toward Your Business Goal

That’s why every business needs ‘adaptivity’.  As it turns out, ‘adaptivity’ is much harder to achieve than writing a business plan – and achieving ‘adaptivity’ will position your enterprise for growth and strong profitability.

Recently the very well known business writer, Tom Peters, wrote that the number one skill required by an organisation is to be ‘adaptive’.

“Adaptivity is more or less a 100 per cent function of the workforce, and how it is recruited and developed and encouraged and appreciated - or not.”

So if you want your business to be strong and profitable, you need to be adaptive, and to implement this adaptivity with these absolutely fundamental elements:

  • Develop an innovative, differentiated business model.
  • Articulate a clear, understandable proposition to a viable market.
  • Systematise your organisation’s ability to adapt to constant change.
  • Constantly monitor your business model to ensure hat it is properly ‘differentiated”!!
  • Constantly monitor your messages to be sure that your proposition is clear and understandable.

Every business needs to have thought though its business model and have a sound means of implementing it.

Once all this is done, you can and should put in place processes, procedures, and protocols, that will ensure every staff member is a part the response to inevitable and usually unforeseen changes.  Just like the flight crew of an aircraft!

The discipline of re-visiting your business model and the difficulty of getting all your staff, (not just a few managers and team leaders) to operate constantly in a mode of responsiveness and innovation is very difficult.

Maybe that is why the business plan approach is sp powerful - it provides a structure to keep you looking at the core of what matters for your business!

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