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Compelling Customer Experiences

Need On-Line Engagement

There is a growing relationship between experience-driven commerce, conversion and repeat business. If you want to develop a strong and vibrant connection with your customer, make the whole shopping experience worthwhile.

A compelling customer experience

You've seen that from the main article about Customer Satisfaction, but this is more. Much more!

When many traders think of on-line commerce, they think of providing digital storefronts that are convenient, and cost effective. In these circumstances, price is assumed to be the primary catalyst for on-line shopping. The world has moved on. Today, the second wave of on-line commerce is about producing compelling, customer-focussed, on-line experiences that accentuate the pleasures of shopping off-line.

In Australia's "New Age of Retail", creating experiences that reinforce brand values and resonate with consumers, is the key to retail success, and business growth. Retailers who use technology to develop and reinforce brand values, and create compelling customer experiences now have a powerful competitive edge. For example, Australian women's fitness and leisurewear brand, Lorna Jane, is embarking on a strategy to run Facebook pages for each of its 137 retail stores. Sharing the brand's experience on social media has resulted in on-line sales being the equivalent of seven of its regular, physical shops.

If you really want to take your retail outlet (in whatever category or industry) into a new generation of growth and profitability, you will need to generate customer experiences that bind shoppers to your store. Achieving this requires skill and experience, because the 'digital savvy' customer is highly connected, time poor and inundated with retail options. Options that lead to your competitors!

These changes in retail present massive challenges to small and medium retailers, and the challenges get greater for the smaller retailer. These challenges arise because they're new techniques, there has not been the training to guide the application of these new techniques, and there is not enough time to learn and apply them.

So, to help our clients, we offer support and services for:

  • Store design
  • Merchandising plans, including on-line merchandising
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Loyalty program development
  • Contact and promotional bulk email and messaging
  • On-line strategy
  • Web design
  • e-Commerce services

Binding today's 'New Age' customer to your store calls for equal parts art and science, as you work like never before to deliver a brand message that is consistent across every consumer touch point. Mobile. Internet. Tablet. Catalogue. Email. As well as the place you know well: in-store!

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