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February 2013 Now including My Local Pool Shop Monthly News.  

Presidential Election Campaign Excels in Getting Out Targetted Messages

Barack Obama was re-elected as the president of the United States last November, and his re-election has some messages for everyone involved in retail - in any form. The key message is found in the way the Obama campaign got this result.

Obama Wins Election

Obama’s campaign demonstrated his unique ability to reach each out and ‘touch' individuals in a country with non-compulsory voting country, and undergoing its greatest ever demographic changes.

Once again, Obama and the Democrats showed the power of social media in a mass communication campaign.  Here was a political campaign that reached  individuals in different and personalised ways.

You Tube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media channels created a broad based, far reaching campaign that ultimately went viral.  And that was its magic - to go viral and become the centre of the campaign focus.

Against the power of social media, traditional campaigning methods (like door knocking, shaking hands, and kissing babies) became the support acts, to drive the outcome beyond dispute.

In typical "big end of town" style, back room operatives developed algorithms to predict likely responses to specific messages distributed by social media.  Armed with this information, campaign managers could determine the likelihood that someone would respond in a certain way to the message sent out via social media campaigns.

For example, Face book was used to carry targeted pre-election messages to motivate more than 600,000 Obama supporters, who in turn, reached out online to 5 million ‘swing state' ‘friends' with these carefully crafted messages.

As a retailer, imagine what you could do if you turned your sales team  showroom or retail store into an organisation that got out messages as effectively as the Obama campaign?

And this is the key point for Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) people: Understand the different types of personalities your customers have, and what motivates them!  To do this, you first need to forget everything you think you know about your customers - and look at them again with fresh eyes and ears!

When you've done that, engage your customers across all the channels they use: Shop/showroom, print, email, SMS and the web.  Don't forget to speak to them in their language.  Your language is tied to your business, and is jargon and tied to the old understandings of what makes a customer ‘tick'.

You do need to be very creative in using their language!

So understanding consumer personality types, their behaviour patterns, the power of social media and cross channel retail, and providing a creative real physical experience will help you win the sales race, just as those factors made it possible for Obama to win the political race!

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