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A Year That Rushes to Its Close.
Max Williams
Principal Consultant

This year rushes to a close after some very interesting times!

Christmas Tree

The way the calendar has worked out this year, we have a very early summer shut-down for site and service industries.

Many businesses will close on December 21, making December just a very neat three week month. That makes it all a December rush. Only retail and its associated activities run on to Christmas.

That makes it tough to spend any thought on how the year is ending. Trading conditions have been described by just about everyone as "tight". Despite this, clients continue to trade well, and some have seen really strong growth.

The factors that lead to this apparent paradox are rather varied. In some cases, it has been a climate/weather thing. For instance, in the swimming pool business, there have been hot days, and that should be good. But the hot days have been interspersed by cooler days, and there have not been enough runs of hots days in a row to make it a really good season. So it seems good - but it isn't really.

On the other hand, the Federal Treasurer has been talking up the good aspects of the overall national economy. It should be looking good! But then for particular states the outlook has been poor. So again it seems good - but it isn't really.

A good understanding of this state of affairs is that we are now seeing business as it  really is. Tough. Demanding. Outcomes gradually and grudgingly adding up to something.

We have addressed lots of these issues in 'Management Memos' - and in 2013 we'll take a fresh look at what business demands of good managers.

If we get that, it's good. because we can look forward to 2013 with determination to:

'Do better what we already do well, and to do well, what we should have done better!'

Gift Meanwhile, let's enjoy the closing trading of 2012, and make this a very ...

Summer Shutdown
Our offices will close on December 21,
and re-open in the New Year, on January 7.

Administration of My Local Pool Shop transactions will continue on banking days during that period.

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So,  now you have a website?


  eb sites have become a big issue lately. Everyone seems to have a website. But they don't really "own" it, can't do anything with it, and can't really make use of it. Worse still, they can make only trivial changes, yet depend on some third party to really do anything significant. This you? Read on!

Websites Are More Than Just an Internet  Billboard. They Should Be Working for You All the Time

Many businesses have a web site. They had been thinking about it, and in came the sales rep - and sold them a shiny new web site. That's when the missed opportunities begin!

It's very easy to get a web site. And cheap too. In your business you know the 'cheap' operators and why they are not a good choice for your customers. Same thing here!

It is very exciting to "see your name up in lights" on the World Wide Web. That is a very seductive feeling.

We know people who have spent up to $11,000 on a new website, and said: "Well that's it for five years at least. This new web site looks great and should do well." And that is exactly what they mean.

But what next? "Yeah, we get some good leads from our website. Only last week we got an enquiry!"

That attitude completely misunderstands the web and how it works. More importantly, it completely misses the point on web customers  - and how your customers work! That's right - how your customers work!

This is a very big topic, and so we thought the best we can do for our readers is to publish an e-book - one chapter at a time to give you a chance to read the story and absorb it.

"The Plain-Speaking Business Person's" Guide: Living With A Website And Loving It!"

It begins now. Chapter 1 focusses on how you can make sure you really own your website. If you buy some new shelving, you know its capital value and it is in your possession. Can you say the same for your web site? If not, why not?

Click Here to get Chapter 1 "So now you have a website?". Now!

Yes, you will have to register your email address first. That's because we want to know  who is really concerned about their web site and how to get real value from a costly investment. 

We will not hassle you or use this readership list for marketing purposes. We will use it to notify you of new chapters ahead of publication in 'Management memos'.

First chapter of our new e-book

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My Local Pool Shop
New Data Shows Rapid Growth of On-Line Sales; Outpaces Shop Growth

New data released from a NAB survey shows internet sales rising much faster than in-store sales.

Nov 2012 Stats

These diagrams clearly show that, as well as on-line sales growing much more strongly than shop sales, it is local on-line retailers who make the running - 74% of it all!

'CLICK FRENZY' - Showed What It Means 'To Be Ready' For On-Line!

It was supposed to be "the sale that stopped the nation". Instead, it was the sale that crashed the internet. 

Be Ready for on-line selling National sales event Click Frenzy opened for business, then its host website crashed moments after it began. Warnings of increased traffic had sounded out well ahead of Click Frenzy's 7pm AEDT kick-off.

Department store chain David Jones hosted a copycat event, dubbed Christmas Frenzy, that crashed its website earlier in the day.

This disaster shows the need to be ready and practised in on-line selling. Without it, you could also be bearing the tag: "The fail that stops a nation"!

Print Here

"Leadership is doing what is right when no one is watching." – George Van Valkenburg

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