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It Pays To Advertise!

Brightly Signed Ute

One of the golden rules of effective advertising is "Stand out from the crowd". These two examples certainly achieve that! And they generate favourable comment, and a high degree of brand awareness in their customer communities

Brightly Signed Tray-top

First things first! Both these examples show the contact details for customers and enquirers. Just as you would expect. In each case, there is, in addition, careful attention to the key factors needed to maintain brand identity:

  • The colours are selected to display corporate colours as they are used everywhere else
  • The brand presentation, or logo, is correct in all its detail as displayed elsewhere
  • The typeface used in the signage is the same used on stationery and other print goods
  • In the case of the tray-top below, the black base colour is used in uniforms, shop decoration and the like and so it also represents the company colours

One major element is the clear depiction of the brand identity statement on the vehicles. This is one brand identity element that is so often overlooked. There can be a massive focus on the graphic design elements at the stage of logo creation, often bolstered by fanciful design "language" that is designed to stimulate the imagination.

That's good at the design phase. But in the real life hurly-burly of the market place, the fine ideals of graphic design need to give way to bare-knuckle, ego-bruising, punch-outs to get customer attention. Your brand value statement (aka 'slogan') is one thing that's often overlooked. It shouldn't be!

Brand value stands out

Here, you can see the brand value statement prominently displayed - right up high.

Commanding. Powerful!

Theories of brand presentation are often remembered in the office - but when it comes to practical things, like arranging signage on the vehicles, principles are forgotten. Here are two examples of those principles being put to work.

And like so many other things, when the 'rubber hits the road', carefully thought out, 'theoretical' plans actually produce far superior results. Just ask the drivers of these vehicles about the comments they get!

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