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Clues From The News!

Hints For Business from Today's News Stories


Respected economics editor for the Sydney Morning Herald, Ross Gittins, writes that managers are responsible for the success or failure of their business. "Business success can come during any market conditions, and opportunities can arise in any industry, provided there's the right leadership to seize potential", he notes. See the full news item "Faster growth demands better chief executives" here.


Australia is now celebrating 25 years of unbroken economic growth since the last recession. The latest quarterly results show a 3.3% growth in GDP over the last year - despite a slow result for the previous quarter.

This is the best annual result since 2012.

CommSec chief economist, Craig James, noted that "Economic growth is above long-term averages. Inflation stands at 1%. Interest rates stand at 1.5%. Unemployment stands at 5.7%. The mining construction boom may be over, but it has been replaced by a housing construction boom."

That is colossal news after such a dull performance in the previous quarter. Generally this seems to put 'paid' to thoughts that we are likely to face a near term recession. On the other hand, it was recently noted by a finance journalist, that "people are buying the 'fridges, rather than the food to go in them".

Which just goes to show that SME, and small retailers in particular, need to very carefully assess the outlook for their own industry, and pace their growth plans according to heir own market prospects.

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