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Last month we discussed the tough problem of budgeting in uncertain times.

Now we look at a roadmap for making the budget stick.

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What will you do in your day-to-day decision making to really stick to a 'cash-first' budget?


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There is growing evidence that services exports are really helping cushion the economy from the slowdown in mining. That is what you might expect from a weaker Australian dollar, but tourism figures for the year ended May show a much bigger impact. There has been a 21% increase in inbound Chinese tourists, at the same time as a reduction in outbound tourists to Thailand.

That means that we really are exporting services now, and it is becoming a much more significant part of our economy.

Services jobs provide abut 80% of Australian employment, but they have not generally been seen as "exports" until now. The big change is driven by tourists seeing Australia as a 'value' destination in this post-mining boom era.

It's OK for tourism businesses to consider their business as "ripe for export", but it has a much broader application. With the $A continuing to be relatively low valued, and the Reserve Bank looking to keep it low, we might need to consider if there is a way other, non-tourist, operators can make use of this new reality - the post-mining boom service demand gap.

if you just dismissed this thought without a 'real thought', you just left an opening for someone else!

Put simply, "Make Measurably More".  Money, that is!

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