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Sometimes things change rapidly in the business world. We can be slow to see the potential impact. This month we consider ways to get profitable in recessionary times


Why are these recessionary times? How can we beat the odds?


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Clues From The News!

Hints For Business from Today's News Stories


The supermarket wars have made the battle over generic products and house-branded products a part of common conversation. Despite this, most conversational commentary is generally inaccurate. The topic is not as simple as it popularly appears. It's actually quite complex.

Small retailers generally take the opposite tack, and hitch themselves to just one main brand. Traders become a "distributor" or "specialist" for a particular brand they specially fancy They make that one brand of product their virtual "house brand"!

In a recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald, Elizabeth Knight, writing about which bidder might win "The Good Guys", wrote this about the leading contender - JB HiFi: "Meanwhile, unlike Dick Smith, JB HiFi avoided moving into the house-brand generic products, instead retaining its 'house-of-brands' status. She goes on to point out that Dick Smith, by "amping up" house brands, "provided JB HiFi a free kick well before Dick Smith closed down".

Note the distinction between "a house brand" and "a House-of-Brands".

Small businesses always do better when they realize that being a "House-of-Brands" meets customer expectations much better - and more profitably - than limiting their range!

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